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HAZWOPER Training meets DOE Reciprocity Requirements

Anyone who has worked at a Department of Energy (DOE) site and then moved to another DOE site or even another area on the same DOE site knows how frustrating it is to be told you have to retake training even if you just had the same training. This is no longer true for your HAZWOPER training if you took it from an IUOE National Training Fund (NTF) approved class and the DOE contractor is participating in the DOE Training Reciprocity Program. This may also mean that when you go to work at a DOE site with a subcontractor you will no longer have to retake your training first, you can go to work right away.

Since 2009, the IUOE NTF – National HAZMAT Program has been working with the DOE National Training Center (NTC) which is under the DOE Office of Enterprise Assessments and the Training Work Group to improve the quality of training while increasing efficiencies and improving transportability of training across DOE contractors, facilities, and sites.

The National HAZMAT Program’s training center located in Beaver, West Virginia was visited May 2013 to assess the organization’s HAZWOPER training program. The Validation Team’s audit against the NIEHS Minimum Criteria, which includes administrative, curriculum development, instructor qualification, program quality control, and student proficiency as part of the audit, was conducted to determine if the program’s HAZWOPER training meets the requirements for training reciprocity within the DOE complex.

When the assessment was completed the Validation Team unanimously stated that the NTF program “would be recommended with no restrictions immediately” for HAZWOPER reciprocity training in the DOE complex. This is the first in a series of trainings that the National HAZMAT Program intends to submit for reciprocity approval. Watch for future announcements about training you have taken and its reciprocity status at Department of Energy sites. At this time, Rad Worker II will be the next training to be considered.

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