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What can I expect when I attend a trainer course?

The HAZMAT Program designs its trainer courses to meet your needs as a Peer Trainer. The overarching principle is simply, “What we do here is what they will do there.” The HAZMAT Program models how the peer training is to be conducted when you return to your local union. Peer Trainers are taught to be self-aware of the various teaching techniques and instructed on the educational theories behind effective training. We use many hands-on and participatory exercises as much as possible so they become the default delivery method. The five principles taught to Peer Trainers about adult education are: 1) peer training and peer involvement are powerful, 2) facilitate learning in groups, 3) encourage problem solving in teams, 4) use hands-on training in a realistic work environment, and 5) promote interaction with experts.

What Should I Wear To The Training?

The National HAZMAT Program courses are informal so dress casually. Long pants and closed toe footwear are required for all classes, including classroom sessions.

Please bring appropriate clothing for hands on training, both inside and outside. This area is considered to have a mountain temperate climate and the weather is subject to change. If there is a circumstance where more formal attire is needed, you will be notified ahead of time.

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